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15th April 2006

10:03pm: Easter
Today is the day before Easter and I spent it in Buxton, Maine with my mother. We ate lobster, we bought car mats, and we went to a discounted bookstore and my mom was paranoid that they sold porn.

All in all, fun day!
Current Mood: calm

15th March 2006

9:33pm: quiz from colleen! :) again hehe
Current Mood: blah

12th March 2006

12:33am: quiz from colleen! :)
(If its over 40, you ARE spoiled)

(x) own car
(x) cell phone
( ) own phone line
(x) own bathroom
(x) own room
( ) 2+ story house
( ) built in pool
( ) guest house
( ) game room
( ) tv in your room
Total = 4

( ) full+ bed
( ) more than 20 pairs of shoes
( ) 10+ things from a designer store
(x) good grades
( ) expensive sunglasses
( ) name brand purse
(x) ipod
( ) xbox
(x) ps2
Total = 3

( ) range rover
(x) basketball hoop
( ) air hockey table
( ) pool table
(x) ping pong table
( ) fuse ball table
( ) trampoline
( ) live on a lake or pond
( ) own a pair of water skiis
( ) own a snowboard
Total = 2

( ) has a boat
( ) has a jet ski
( ) has a beach house or cabin
(x) only child
(x) stereo system in bedroom
( ) dvd player in room
(x) 100+ dvd's (maybe)
( ) gets $50+ for allowance each month
(x) goes shopping every month
( ) shops at abercrombie
Total = 4

( ) goes snowboarding or skiing every week
(x) 2+ family cars
(x) a mom AND a dad
( ) perfume/cologne (not really it's inexpensive)
(x) aim
( ) msn
( ) yahoo
( ) 5+ trophies
(x) own digital camera
( ) walk in closet
Total = 4

( ) electric scooter
( ) dirt bike
( ) 4-wheeler
( ) guitar/drums
( ) hammock
( ) been on a cruise
(x) traveled out of the country
( ) personal fit trainer
( ) expensive jewelry
( )met a celebrity
Total = 1

(x) straightener/curling iron
( ) gets hair done/nails/spas
( ) on on a varsity team for school
( ) own batting cage
( ) $100+ in wallet/purse right now
(x) own savings account
(x) 1+ best friends
( ) been to the carribean
( ) been to europe
( ) been to hawaii
Total = 3

( ) been to new york
( ) shopped in seattle
( ) eaten at the space needle in seattle
( ) been on the eifel tower in paris
( ) been on the statue of liberty in new york
(x) been on honor roll for 2+ years
( ) went on a trip for sweet 16 birthday
( ) lives on private property
(x) license
(x) moved 3+ times
Total = 4

( ) sports car
( ) hot tub
(x) pet(s)
( ) ranch
( )verizon
( ) cingular
( ) virgin mobile
( )Sprint
(x) been to 5+ states in the us
( ) don't have a job
( )100+ buddies on messenger
Total = 1

(x)alarm clock
( ) home cooked meal almost every day
( ) eat out almost every day
(x) been in a limo
( ) own camcorder
(x) own laptop computer
( ) own desktop computer
( ) someone loves you
total = 3

**29, NOT spoiled**
Current Mood: sleepy

9th March 2006

2:58pm: I am no longer an employee of Shaw's. :)

7th February 2006

9:35pm: help!
This Is My Life, Rated
Take the Rate My Life Quiz

Help! Someone love me!
Current Mood: unloved

19th January 2006

11:53pm: just shiver
Fall Out Boy & All-American Rejects are coming to Portland, ME on March 16th and I'm gonna high tail it out of Amherst and go. We're buying tickets on Sunday!

That's 2 visits to Maine during spring break!

Dance Dance!
Current Mood: tired

20th December 2005

10:07am: here's a real pic!
I'm so cool!

14th December 2005

10:16am: your song is in my ear! get it out! ewww earwax!!
I played polo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

like this:

It was so much fun!!!

I could be like a rich english kid.

Current Mood: sick

7th December 2005

4:49pm: halesfd aslbflaslZKJbf:KSHE
Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

This year I've been busy!

In November I helped blue_sunshine5 hide a body (-173 points). Last month I gave fragilesticker a Dutch Oven (-10 points). In May I gave jacobmeade a kidney (1000 points). Last Monday on a flight to Bangladesh, I stole the emergency flight information card (-40 points). Last Wednesday I didn't flush (-1 points).

Overall, I've been nice (776 points). For Christmas I deserve a shiny red ball!


Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:
Current Mood: hungry

1st December 2005

6:33pm: give in or just give up
I'm falling into a funk again. I'm not happy. Well thats not true, I'm happy when I'm with good company....

but i'm getting sick of my classes. I'm getting sick of being stuck on campus. I'm getting fucking sick of not having any free time. I'm getting frustrated at the little annoying things people do. I'm not fun to be around. I'm like on a downward spiral.

What do I do?

Give up something?

I don't really see what there is to give up. All I do is go to class, work, and horse related stuff. <3 dressage.

Thank goodness for good music and AIM. Looking forward to X-mas break and moving into DTAV in the spring. Kelly's coming back! :-)

My schedule for next semester:
Biomedical Ethics
Equine Business Management
Nautre of Story
Current Mood: bitchy

16th November 2005

10:16pm: omg!
Geek died! Bart is still alive! Bart apparently bit off Geek's head and ate it!

I'm so freaked out!

(the things I find out when Kelly visits)

I will be in NH this weekend. Well Saturday night/Sunday morning.
Current Mood: content

31st October 2005

7:29am: the chase is all you know... and she stopped running months ago...
So I'm back from UNH. I will update the blog with future details.

Halloween wont exist for me because its on a monday. I will be busy with class, riding, and work until midnight. Sucky, eh?

I'm now in love with the new Death Cab Plans CD. I don't know why. I'm going to be late for lab... bye.
Current Mood: depressed

20th October 2005

10:14am: Jeremy, this is for you!

I have a latin midterm on friday. My lowest quiz grade is a 98. I'm going to kick butt! Wooo! I rule!
Current Mood: chipper

17th October 2005

12:42am: our hands clasped so tight...
Today I found out that I'm going to be riding in the IDA show in 2 weeks. This gives me like no time to prepare! What am I going to do!!???

I need pills!
Current Mood: cold

2nd October 2005

4:17pm: he's soft to the touch
Long time no update. I have so much to say!!
Current Mood: thoughtful

11th September 2005

9:27am: i'm not the one who broke you
Here I am sitting in the Kalamazoo Airport and I thought I’d update!

Michigan was less than monumental. Got there Thursday night and went to target with my mom. Did some minor shopping (which included her buying me some nice jewelry and bras!) Got a new watch for $3 and a dustpan for the dorm for $0.68. I just rule in general when it comes to shopping. ;-) After the target excursion we went BACK to the airport to pick up my aunt & 2 cousins. Nice to see them, my younger cousin immediately wanted to know if I’d gamble my money and play Texas Hold’Em with him. I had to turn him down because I’m a poor college kid.

Went to my mom’s parents house (which I’m allergic too… but after spending all that money on airplane tickets, renting the car, etc… getting a hotel seemed a little too much) So through most of the weekend I was doped up on a combination of allegro, clariton, & benedryl. Ooooo well.

Wedding was on Friday. About 50 people went to the actual wedding. It was at this cute little inn, in their garden. Really pretty. Went early for family photos, but they were running behind and didn’t get taken until after the wedding. They got married… and it was different, the whole theme was Jesus. No offense to religion or anything, but it was a little weird. Finally got to say hi to my cousin Kari, after she was married lol. Then I met her groom for the first time. Oh well, he seems nice. Welcome to the family I guess?

After that we were treated to water bottles and blew bubbles as the new couple left. Drove about 20 minutes to my uncle’s farm where the reception was being held. 250 people went to that. Unfortunately Janet Reno was not among them (my wedding was not as exciting as Jacob’s, lol) Mingled around, but hard to do when I don’t know anyone. Mostly hung out with Alex and Matt (my cousins) and my parents. LOL. Aren’t I cool? Ate dinner, ate cake etc. Soon I found myself sitting @ the table alone, with no one related to me in sight. Great. So I sat there like a dumbo trying to make the ringing sounds you can with a water glass. Then Kari came over, gave me another hug, thanked me for coming, and then went on to say hi to people. Soon my grandmother found me and sat and chatted with me.

Dancing soon ensued. My parents made me dance with my dad. So we’re dancing to some slow song and he’s asking me about the wireless internet on my laptop. LOL, what a geek. ;-)

Thankfully the reception ended around 10. I was so tired! Family drama ensued when my grandparents informed Kari that they were very upset that she didn’t spend anytime with her family. She became upset, and my mom ended up comforting her. Poor girl.

I got immense teasing from the family that I’d be the next one to get married. I just smiled smugly and said they better show up in NH/Maine when I decided to do so! Haha! (considering ½ of my close family has NEVER visited us) Hmm… now I just have to find a guy so I can seek family revenge. LOL.

Saturday was spent watching the Michigan football game in my other grandparent’s house with my dad. Very unexciting. I did homework most of the time. Then we went back to my mom’s parents and had one more final family gathering.

So here’s a story:

My 2 cousins visited my great-grandma earlier that day while I was watching that dang football game. So I arrange for my dad and I to visit her after dinner. We tell her 7:30.
So everyone finishes dinner and dessert. It’s about 7:15. I go into the family room and ask my dad if he’s ready to go. My dad and my aunt wave me away, saying there’s only 2 more holes to the golf tournament we’re watching. I get annoyed. My aunt has the nerve to tell me to sit down, I might learn something? I do a very non-Laura thing and say I don’t give a crap.

So 5 more minutes go by. My dad is still sitting in that chair on his butt. I tell him we need to be there @ 7:30. He says there’s 1 more hole. OMG!

More time passes, I get pissed off. I go outside where my other relatives are and go straight up to my mom and tell her to go make dad start moving. Mom gets angry and makes him go. So it’s 7:35 and my dad wants to walk there. (It’s a 15 minute walk). I get really mad and tell him no, get in the dang car, we’re driving.

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. (meanwhile my poor 90 year old great grandma had been sitting waiting for us)

But go me for finally standing up for myself. I think I’m getting a little more self-confidence in myself? This would be a good thing, cuz it felt really good. Seems like every time I get away from my parents I get more confidence. I hate the way they raised me. I hate the fact that I thought so low of myself for 18 years.

Mom brought me to the airport early Sunday morning so I could sit and be on the internet. Send in some stuff for the online class. Blah. I had to check 2 bags this time cuz she, being the awesome mom she is, brought a bag full of stuff I forgot. Including my tall riding boots, my DVD remote, shower slippers, pens/highlighters/pencils, and etc! YAY!

Looking forward to the Dressage Club meeting. And can’t wait for my lesson on Monday! Ty’s there! Ahhh! *squeal*

And my grandpa gave me $20 to use towards a horse show! I’ll have to send him pics!

And I got Squirt! They make it in diet now. I’m addicted to diet soda… but… I know… I got the regular kind! Can you believe it? I can’t.
Current Mood: bored

7th September 2005

11:25pm: the fridge is missing popsicles
My friends complaining that it is so sad that I don't have any popsicles in my freezer. It's too full with lean cuisines. (and 1 pint of Ben & Jerry's that I'm too scared to open)

All moved into my room. It looks really nice, I'll put some pics up later. Classes started on Tuesday. I'm officially scared of Microbiology. :-(

So I've been making friends by telling fat camp stories (and the famous shaw's stories). Oh well.

Had my first shift of work w/ Amy on Monday. Really easy, hopefully I'll make some $.

This is a really boring entry. I'm just so happy to be at college. Hopefully my social situation will improve... but I got katelin & aubrey & ashley & jeremy & chrisi & paul & my dressage club... we need to get a meeting off and kicking. I can't wait to see everyone!

Kelly came to visit today. We're having tons of fun. And I leave for michigan tomorrow. Blah. Leave me some comments and give me your dorm room phone #'s!
Current Mood: full

30th August 2005

9:34am: i taste you all over my teeth
So much to update about and so little motivaiton to do so!

Saw Clay Aiken the other night... amazing. I really have no words. It was great to actually be able to see him... he wasn't just a colored dot on the stage! There were many highlights, and if you're actually my friend you've already heard about them. ;-)

Been packing and such for the big move. Only 5 more stinkin days!

Said bye to Jacob last night... rachael and i are now the only ones left in amherst. how sad. and I will spend my last days working in the shaw's kids center. how fun.

i work at 12. i could sleep until 11. my mom wakes me up @ 9. Uggghhh...
Current Mood: sleepy

28th August 2005

12:18am: my summer is complete
Current Mood: ecstatic

23rd August 2005

11:10pm: the forecast is that i'll be depressed
I've been dorm room clearance shopping.

Wolf poster. Orig: $39.99. Laura's price: $4.99
DVD 15 pack. Orig: $15.99. Laura's price: $5.01
Dry Erase markers. Orig: $5.99. Laura's price: $1.04
2006 horse calendar. Orig: $9.95. Laura's price: $0.89
10 pairs of cute socks. Orig: $3.99each. Laura's price: $0.74
Easy Mac. Orig: $5.99. Laura's price: $4.49

Those are just examples. I rule in general.

Tomorrow I'm working 8:30-3. Then I have a doc appointment for my bump on my knee @ 3:45. Then I'm going down to mass. to visit Malinda. Our agenda includes the following:

- getting drunk?
- eating good food
- seeing 40 year old virgin
- swimming?
- horseback riding
- playing with piglets
- sleeping in
- going to the horse auction!

I'm staying until friday to acomplish all of this. Yay! I can't wait! I always have too much fun with her! LOL.

Okay, I need to pack! Bye!

4 more days until mr. clay
Current Mood: quixotic

16th August 2005

10:08am: you can just be my dirty little secret
Ok, so I deserve a pat on the back. I said bye to Brian last night and I didn't cry! Woop! I just kelt reminding myself, thanksgiving, thanksgiving, ahhh, shaws.

But anyway, housesitting is boring. But sorta fun. I'm gone on a binge CD buying spree. I now currently own Damien Rice, Jimmy Eat World, Fall out Boy, and the all american rejects. The Ponys are on their way in the mail. I'm psyched!

So last night I had a revalation. I think (REPEAT THINk, I DONT KNOW FOR SURE) I might want to actually lose weight. I hate loosing weight because that means being misreble. I've been losing slowly all summer, (I'm at 17lbs!) But its not really showing. I hate diets. And I hate exercsing for the sheer point of exercising. Boooooring. I love ice cream. This is going to be a problem. Ehh, I'll figure it out. I'm just tired of having no self-esteem.

My mom just called me. She got me a dress for the wedding for $9.95. I don't care if its the ugliest thing on the face of the planet, I'll wear it lol. I HATE dress shopping.

Speaking of my mom, I actually had dinner with them last night. They didn't throw me out for not knowing how to cook chicken. But they did make me make the rest of the dinner. Haha, but I was too busy eating slowly and reading my Entertainment Weekly to clean up! Haha! Score!

11 more days!!!

Speaking of those 11 days, my mom still hasnt found a ticket. Ummm, am I really going to go see Clay by myself? I don't know how I feel about this. :-P
Current Mood: hungry

11th August 2005

11:36pm: why don't you just shut up?
I'm housesitting right now. The dog is cute, the TV is nice, and they got wireless internet. What more can a college kid ask for? Well, food would be good. I'll have to get that on my own.

Hung out with Rose Lisa and Jacob the other night. So glad to see em all! I was exhausted, and I accidently fell asleep in Rose's car... but I had fun! Such an awesome bunch. I was so glad to be in a good mood for at least one night.

I'm addicted to ebay. I've won a couple CDs, but nothing too exciting.

My allergies are annoying. You know what else is annoying? Jude Law. I really don't like him.

I work at Shaws tomorrow. Please, someone put me out of my misery. Today begins the start of a week long social deprivation.
Current Mood: stressed

8th August 2005

11:03am: the canals are freezing
As Aubrey stated in her livejournal...

26 more days!

But I'm kind of dreading college now. I'm the only one of my friends left in our dorm. Ummm... gah, oh fucking well. I'm over it. Seriously, I shouldn't dwell on this. I mean, who cares that I have like next to nothing in the friend department. I can make new ones right? Uggg, I want housing to email me back and reassure me I'll have a single.

So hung out with Rachael and Jacob last night. We did nothing. We did a 20mile circle around my house and then sat in his truck in my driveway. We called Jamie, we kept touching one another (dont ask), I ran and laid down in the grass. The stars were out like WOAH. I cleaned out my car, because it's in the shop today. Hopefully the poor thing will get fixed now.

By midnight, I was pooped and went to bed. Well, bed meaning I went to my room. I got online, then I talked to Jeremy on the phone for awhile. He made me feel a bit better. Haha, i was on the phone with him while he was in search of redbull and wendy's, while sketchy fat maine kids tried to hitchhike.

But despite all this crap, I'm counting the minutes to Maine. I can't wait to get out of here. My parents are just sometimes unbearable. I seriously don't know how I survived this long in their house. The other day I was cleaning my room and I found sheets of paper that had to be at least 8 years old. (They were my plans for running away and what to bring! haha!) Lily was #1 on the list.

Is it possible to be so depressed that you don't even notice that you act normal?
Current Mood: empty

5th August 2005

11:25am: Let's go where the streets have no name...
Today is August 5th!

I feel the need to reflect. Please comment and reflect on this day.

My thoughts:

I hate old people. When Clay Aiken came out of the stairs, Jamie hit me in sheer excitement and it caused my camera to fall and hit the people in front of me. It fell under their seats. I bent down and picked it up and apologized. They didn't accept the apology. And they made me feel bad the whole concert. Old people suck.
Current Mood: devious

31st July 2005

8:11pm: Just wondering...

found 2 awesome clay tickets for vermont. 6th row. $50 each.

Anyone want to roadtrip and see it with me? 8/29

(this post was not asking for people to make fun of me, so keep jokes out of the comments)
Current Mood: bored
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