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the canals are freezing

As Aubrey stated in her livejournal...

26 more days!

But I'm kind of dreading college now. I'm the only one of my friends left in our dorm. Ummm... gah, oh fucking well. I'm over it. Seriously, I shouldn't dwell on this. I mean, who cares that I have like next to nothing in the friend department. I can make new ones right? Uggg, I want housing to email me back and reassure me I'll have a single.

So hung out with Rachael and Jacob last night. We did nothing. We did a 20mile circle around my house and then sat in his truck in my driveway. We called Jamie, we kept touching one another (dont ask), I ran and laid down in the grass. The stars were out like WOAH. I cleaned out my car, because it's in the shop today. Hopefully the poor thing will get fixed now.

By midnight, I was pooped and went to bed. Well, bed meaning I went to my room. I got online, then I talked to Jeremy on the phone for awhile. He made me feel a bit better. Haha, i was on the phone with him while he was in search of redbull and wendy's, while sketchy fat maine kids tried to hitchhike.

But despite all this crap, I'm counting the minutes to Maine. I can't wait to get out of here. My parents are just sometimes unbearable. I seriously don't know how I survived this long in their house. The other day I was cleaning my room and I found sheets of paper that had to be at least 8 years old. (They were my plans for running away and what to bring! haha!) Lily was #1 on the list.

Is it possible to be so depressed that you don't even notice that you act normal?
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