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you can just be my dirty little secret

Ok, so I deserve a pat on the back. I said bye to Brian last night and I didn't cry! Woop! I just kelt reminding myself, thanksgiving, thanksgiving, ahhh, shaws.

But anyway, housesitting is boring. But sorta fun. I'm gone on a binge CD buying spree. I now currently own Damien Rice, Jimmy Eat World, Fall out Boy, and the all american rejects. The Ponys are on their way in the mail. I'm psyched!

So last night I had a revalation. I think (REPEAT THINk, I DONT KNOW FOR SURE) I might want to actually lose weight. I hate loosing weight because that means being misreble. I've been losing slowly all summer, (I'm at 17lbs!) But its not really showing. I hate diets. And I hate exercsing for the sheer point of exercising. Boooooring. I love ice cream. This is going to be a problem. Ehh, I'll figure it out. I'm just tired of having no self-esteem.

My mom just called me. She got me a dress for the wedding for $9.95. I don't care if its the ugliest thing on the face of the planet, I'll wear it lol. I HATE dress shopping.

Speaking of my mom, I actually had dinner with them last night. They didn't throw me out for not knowing how to cook chicken. But they did make me make the rest of the dinner. Haha, but I was too busy eating slowly and reading my Entertainment Weekly to clean up! Haha! Score!

11 more days!!!

Speaking of those 11 days, my mom still hasnt found a ticket. Ummm, am I really going to go see Clay by myself? I don't know how I feel about this. :-P
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