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the forecast is that i'll be depressed

I've been dorm room clearance shopping.

Wolf poster. Orig: $39.99. Laura's price: $4.99
DVD 15 pack. Orig: $15.99. Laura's price: $5.01
Dry Erase markers. Orig: $5.99. Laura's price: $1.04
2006 horse calendar. Orig: $9.95. Laura's price: $0.89
10 pairs of cute socks. Orig: $3.99each. Laura's price: $0.74
Easy Mac. Orig: $5.99. Laura's price: $4.49

Those are just examples. I rule in general.

Tomorrow I'm working 8:30-3. Then I have a doc appointment for my bump on my knee @ 3:45. Then I'm going down to mass. to visit Malinda. Our agenda includes the following:

- getting drunk?
- eating good food
- seeing 40 year old virgin
- swimming?
- horseback riding
- playing with piglets
- sleeping in
- going to the horse auction!

I'm staying until friday to acomplish all of this. Yay! I can't wait! I always have too much fun with her! LOL.

Okay, I need to pack! Bye!

4 more days until mr. clay
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