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the fridge is missing popsicles

My friends complaining that it is so sad that I don't have any popsicles in my freezer. It's too full with lean cuisines. (and 1 pint of Ben & Jerry's that I'm too scared to open)

All moved into my room. It looks really nice, I'll put some pics up later. Classes started on Tuesday. I'm officially scared of Microbiology. :-(

So I've been making friends by telling fat camp stories (and the famous shaw's stories). Oh well.

Had my first shift of work w/ Amy on Monday. Really easy, hopefully I'll make some $.

This is a really boring entry. I'm just so happy to be at college. Hopefully my social situation will improve... but I got katelin & aubrey & ashley & jeremy & chrisi & paul & my dressage club... we need to get a meeting off and kicking. I can't wait to see everyone!

Kelly came to visit today. We're having tons of fun. And I leave for michigan tomorrow. Blah. Leave me some comments and give me your dorm room phone #'s!
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