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give in or just give up

I'm falling into a funk again. I'm not happy. Well thats not true, I'm happy when I'm with good company....

but i'm getting sick of my classes. I'm getting sick of being stuck on campus. I'm getting fucking sick of not having any free time. I'm getting frustrated at the little annoying things people do. I'm not fun to be around. I'm like on a downward spiral.

What do I do?

Give up something?

I don't really see what there is to give up. All I do is go to class, work, and horse related stuff. <3 dressage.

Thank goodness for good music and AIM. Looking forward to X-mas break and moving into DTAV in the spring. Kelly's coming back! :-)

My schedule for next semester:
Biomedical Ethics
Equine Business Management
Nautre of Story
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